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  We are committed to improving the health of everyone who comes to us.

We are committed to giving accurate fast service and have a proven record for over 28 years.

We care about people and their health. We've witnessed great results with our family's health using our wellness products and also with our customers who have given the products a fair trial.

All products have an unconditional 30 day guarantee.

Carol Gader

  • Carol taught Kindergarten before she started her wellness business. She subbed in kindergarten through 12th grade while raising three children.

  • Carol majored in Nutrition and Home Economics at the University of New Hampshire. She also studied nutrition with five doctors. One of them teaches nutrition to medical students at the University of North Carolina.

  • Carol is a Reiki Master/Teacher and an Aroma Therapist. She has taken courses that include Barbara Brennan's course in Energy Healing and a course in Touch for Health.

  • Carol is a Master Dowser and dowses for wells, ponds, and well being. She also teaches dowsing at various locations that include the National Dowsing Convention.

Al Gader

  • Al has a Masters Degree in Music and Education and was the head of the music department for six schools. He still plays in many music groups.

  • Al is the "in house" worker [bookkeeping and ordering].

  • Carol is the "out house" person [counseling and meeting new clients].
Please be aware of the many misspellings of our name. To name a few ... Geder, Gador,Gadder, Gadeau (in Quebec), Gaeder (in Germany), Gater, Gator (in Florida), Gata or Gada (in Boston),

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