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  Dowsing is a very ancient Art and a Science used to find or search for anything or any information. Most people think of dowsers as those people who find underground water, using a forked stick. Dowsing is really much more than that. Historically, it was considered mysterious and magical and was primarily controlled by priests and medicine people.

The mystery of all the ages is within all of you. This secret is the marvelous, miracle working power found in your own subconscious mind, or super conscious mind, the last place that most people would seek it.

Some researchers have found that the muscles in a dowser's arm responding to information from the autonomic nervous system that is beyond the control of our conscious mind. That is why most dowsers claim to be receiving information from the unconscious mind or super conscious mind.

Quantum physics has taught us that everything is ultimately energy and that all energy and matter vibrates. This allows for all kinds of communication, including the very faint but sensitive signals received by dowsers through tools such as L-Rods and Pendulums.

The lie detector picks up these sensitive signals. The human energy system is the true receptor of informational stimuli, not the tools that the dowser uses. Just as a radio or television picks up many channels depending on where you turn the dial, your conscious mind is all scattered until you tune the mind to the information you need to receive, and ask the question.

I have been dowsing for over twenty years. I teach Basic Dowsing at the National Dowsing Convention and also lecture there. I was one of the founders and past co-president of Living Waters Dowsing Chapter servicing mid and southern NH, and VT. I have taught Dowsing at summer camps, lectured at clubs, and run many classes in all aspects of Dowsing. I also Dowse for water wells, health, gardening, lost pets, people etc.

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