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Whether you are a customer or decide to share wellness with others or build a wellness career, we are here to mentor you. We will help you build a wellness program for yourself and your family. The Wellness Appraisal is a good place to start. You can become a member of Gader Family Associates and receive our on-line newsletter and a savings of 15% on all products.

Should you decide to build a Wellness Career, we will help you with a business plan and mentor you all the way. New people need to be trained on how to build a wellness business. We have solid training available. Anyone can be trained and duplicate us. There is also weekly live new distributor training.

A brand new business builder can begin getting his/her training and can also be training their new recruits at the same time.

Here is what others say about our leadership ...

  • I've known Carol and Al for 20 years and have been using these great products for the same time. Carol has encouraged me to be a sales leader and has met with my prospects one-on-one and held many meetings that I have brought prospects to.

    She invites and reminds me of larger area meetings where I get a bigger picture of the company. I have never quite made all my goals, but she still hung in there for me. I'm getting ready to retire and I'm looking forward to being a Business Leader and its nice to know she is and always had been there for me, especially now that I'm ready to do more.

    Anne Fontaine, Claremont NH.

  • Carol Gader is a ball of fire. She has enough enthusiasm of two people. When I started my business Carol was very generous in sharing her knowledge and time. We both went to numerous workshops and weekend get-aways where there lots of other people who were also eager to share their knowledge.

    Carol has a good heart and a real passion for what she does and along with her husband Al , the two of them really embody the genuine nature that lies at the center of what this opportunity is about.

    Ann Coleman, Sales Leader under Gaders, Whitingham Vt.

  • We have known and worked with Carol and Al for close to fifteen years. In that time they have shown a love and passion for their products, consistent support of their business leaders and a maturing of their leadership capabilities. Carol and Al are positive people we work with in their business.

    Sue and Geoff Lamdin, Brunswich, Maine, Sales Leaders (Under Gaders)

  • Ed and I have known Carol and Al Gader for many years. We have shared our mutual interest in Wellness and in foreign exchange students. Although we are not in the same organization together we organized and held a Winter Fest for 11 years to give our respective organizations training and motivation.

    Carol and Al demonstrated excellent leadership skills as we worked together making it a pleasant experience for all. We are impressed with not only their leadership but their care and concern for all they work with.

    Ed and Laura Shuster, Sales Leaders


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